First Meeting


Thursday 19th October saw the first of BrightSparks’ latest poetry sessions, facilitated by Mark Goodwin, Leicester based poet and member of the Inky Fish poetry collective. The sessions are being funded by Leicester City Libraries and are taking place at 27A Access Arts on Belvoir Street. This first of four were attended by 10 regular writers/performers, including: Mark S (aka the ghost poet), members of lit band Letter Scrawl, regular attendees of WORD and The Brighter Side and a previous Mind Book of the Year winner.

The session kicked off, with 10 cups of tea and The Small Box, a brilliant Vasco Popa poem. After talking through how we felt about it and what we liked, we were all asked to pick an object. Tim picked cardboard and we all set about writing a quick piece/fragment on it. Here are a few of those generated… 


Cardboard is a board but I find it very boring.

All Cardboard does is package something up,

something inside which is far more interesting.

No-one buys something to admire the cardboard in which it comes in.

Cardboard is a barrier to a surprise.



card board boxes unfolded onto the small walls of the only room they were there to deaden the sound of the drums and guitars that had constructed themselves into a machine that thumped itself in its guts and rattled its sticks and pulled at its own wires to make a live sound that it wanted to sound like a kamikaze terrorist machine collapsing like old architecture down an escalator into a disused and dirty …

– John


the cardboard is spongified like mad-                     

cow-brains creal they advertise on the

 television with giraffes

                                  in nice bubbles


is very dangerous for everything…print-

ed writing is like death but almost a hun-

dred years ago ’twixt

                              Diogenes and to-

morrow’s David Bow-wowie nincompoop-

comfees-krass – moggz – idiot – gloves –

ill – bed, it almost

                          (the damp cardboard)

smelt like strawberries…

my object was button – tender buttons for

Tristian Tzara married to –

                                      what’s her name ?

-ghost? – mine? 

…Can’t wait for next week. 



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