Session 2


Packed full of writing, this week the group channeled their creativity through 2 fantastic exercises. The first was a warm up and involved poet Mark Goodwin, playing a pen across his fingers like a magician mesmerising a chicken. A member of the group was then asked to volunteer a word in response. Tim picked the word Fanand we all wrote for 2 minutes on it. The exercise worked to loosen our inhibitions, as to do it we had write non-stop, without crossing out or censoring what we wrote. 

In exercise 2 we played with the idea of poetic license. We all wrote down ten objects of our choice – then constructed a lie about each. The results of both exercises were mind-blowing. Next week we’ll be working on editing them but below you can read a few in their raw, (mostly) un-line-divided forms.:


-tabulous as maybe’s evers
the amoeba have broken quarantine
I’ve fallen in love with a dog called Ludwig 
-but from the bus and the then
and nows of townscapes –
tired and ridiculous-

Fan is blowing away the cobwebs in a very old house. There are mice and small insects in the house which are trying to fight the force of the fan . There are no problems to remember as they are all blown into hand.

Fan is a fantasy fantasy is based on dreams dreams come from fantasies fantasies build up from dreams I dream a fantastic dream dream of love dream of hate and peace on earth.

Fan of cult fiction based on
Factual subject matter
Always culturistic and vulnerable
Too slow too fast
I can’t think
I just pull everything to bits
Then I can’t stand myself when I’m being whatever
As I put myself back together
Putting it all back together
I will not be loved… 

10 Objects….

Guitar, mug, orange brush, paper, pen, glasses, stone, diamond, tree.

A guitar-no sound, no music, no string attached
Mug-no drinks, no tea, no fools
A brush that I cannot paint with
Paper that I cannot write on
And a pen I cannot write with
Glasses that I cannot see better with
A tree growing on the moon flourishing in summer and winter
A warm stone full of warmth like a diamond that can sing
and dance and feel and love but still it is worth nothing.

Sink, guitar, apple, head, swing, pot, clock, towerblocks, moon, bicycle.

The sink can be found underneath the garden
A guitar can be used to paint pictures
An apple is used to throw at soldiers
A head is found under a shoe
The swing is round and smells of fruit
The pot is made of strawberry ice cream
A clock is like a Christmas party where people have had too much to drink
Towerblocks can be purple in colour
Moon is made of Gorgonzola
The bicycle was used to build Egyptian pyramids.

Why not have a go at the above 2 exercises? Don’t forget that the Brightsparks Blog is now taking submissions of writing so you could even send them in. Just completely let go, don’t judge as you’re writing – and have fun!



3 Responses to “Session 2”

  1. Dana Says:

    These are great! I love the sink being under the garden, and Phil’s repetition is fantastic. These inspire me.

  2. secretagentartist Says:

    So glad you liked them-I thought so too! Will direct the writers to your comments. Thanks.

  3. Beloved Dreamer Says:

    I think these poems are great. This will be a fun challenge. I too feel inspired.

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