A Cut Above the Rest


This week, The BrightSparks Poetry Sessions turned their attentions to editing skills. The once again packed group, sat back and explored a number of different points to consider when redrafting. From the difference made by an and and an a to the success of a line , to the merits of making yourself remove 10 words from a first draft…then another 10…then another 10..to try and get to the nub of what your trying to say, Mark had some pretty good suggestions.

Our two hours were over all too quickly and next week we have a choice. In what may be our final funded session we will either generate new writing on lighthouses, for a specific conference being staged by Lighthouse Learning, or we will work on performance skills using the work written in last weeks session. Hmm. Decisions, decisions…

I’ll leave you with a piece by Linda Hart, written in response to last weeks telling lies exercise. 

Running through
lush swathes of grass;
feel the sun, warm my body,
hear the gunshot
as it sears past my head,
each and every blade
a killer’s knife, a bayonet
that twists, then turns
my belly.
the blood feels warm;
my guts lay proud and red
spilled in the green, green grass.

Linda Hart



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