The Housewife


Alarm set, alarm rings

Breakfast made, breakfast ate

Kids awoken, kids packed up and off to school.

Pots washed, dried up and put away

Forecast says fine today.

Dirty clothes into the wash,

a few minutes to yourself,

you switch on the box.

Fern telling Phillip about the latest storyline in the soaps.

Oh to hear something meaningful, there’s very little hope.

Think about preparing something for lunch.

You go to the shops for something to munch.

Get back home and the washing is done.

Hanging it out in the garden is so much fun!

Watching the elderly creeping past your gate,

you think to yourself

“I’ll be old at this rate.”

Before you know it it’s a quarter past three

and the kids come home shouting

“Please mum, make us a tea?”

Then they start fighting as you’re making the dinner

just to wind you up,

“Why god, am I a sinner?”

Your husband comes home,

he’s had a bad day

“What’s this muck on my plate?”

“Fine, go on then, throw it away!”

A little while later when the kids are asleep,

you go to the bathroom and you start to weep.

You get into bed, your eyes are all wet

and then you remember,

the alarm has to be set.



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