To the Lighthouse…


The 4th and final week of the BrightSpark Sessions has swung around, but due to popular demand we’ve been able to extent professional facilitation for 2 more weeks. So, if you live in the area and haven’t been lucky enough to get along to one of the sessions, then get in touch via comment or email and we’ll see what we can do…

Meanwhile, back to the lighthouse. This week the BrightSpark Poets were asked to help publicise Lighthouse Learning, the social enterprise charity. The charity was holding a conference on the evening of our workshop day and needed us to come up with work to decorate their fully working (well, nearly) lighthouse sculpture.

Once again, Mark Goodwin, our poet in residence excelled himself in the genius of his exercises. Try this one at home;)

Take a piece of A4 paper. Fold a margin off behind, then fold the remainder, vertically down the middle. At the top of one half write the word ‘House’. Write as freely and nonjudgmentally as possible under this heading until you get to the bottom of the page. On the top of the other side of the page write the word ‘Light’ and repeat.

You should now have 2 pieces of writing. To collapse and play with ideas, you can now create new sentences by combining lines from one piece, with lines from the other. You can even create a brand new piece this way. Here’s what Brightsparks ghost poet (mark. s) came up with…


a tortoise-the
one i’m thinking
of has no more
idea of how to
spell tortoise
than i have
i’m bored with
this tortoise &
this tortoise
hasn’t even thought
about thinking
except, that
when he was
in a blizzard,
of sick and semolina
he was a ghost
that fell in
love with a
whose house was
(again) wonderous
-well, just
the once before
the incident
with the puffin –
a coffin is a
house-a boat-
a tin of sardines.


like a laughing
lion in the dis-
eases of ducks the
light-bulb has a
good idea-yes-
just as if a light-
bulb had gone on
in the light-bulbs
head-it’s a
chimpanzee on
a dangerous
planet of trampoline
-for instance
i am clueless
as darkness,the
zebra-pigs can’t
find the lexical
wherewithall to
laugh like a
dandylion or
do you like butter?

seven lines to the lighthouse

a tortoise like a laughing
lion one-the one i’m thinking
in the diseases of ducks-i’m
bored with the light-bulb yes
spell this budgerigar for the
goose-guessing ghost-the one
wonderous one with the sudden glees
of an univited albatross in
dismay-for instance, i am
cluless as sick and semolina-
a coffin galloping like zebra-
we’ll invite them to tea &
have them bring the lexical
wherewithall of the puffin
incident – the tea &
crumpets are lit by idiot-
angels playing toy-trumpets.



the lighthouse is
laughing -if you don’t
believe me i don’t give
an albatross, much less (or
more) a budgerigar-but
listen –
hee-hee-hee – tee
hee-ho-ho the lighthouse
is laughing as you may see-
side by the sea-sad – see?
ha-ha-ha-ha – the
lighthouse is made of
papier-mache – hee-hee-hee
-head fulls off, notwith-

my own Light and  House can be found at my blog-

Keep writing, wherever you are! 



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