The Bling Thing


Let our talent be measured by all things bling.

The kids won’t realise that we can’t actually sing.

If we add a few obscenities we will be a hit.

What else do they want to hear but “fuck” and “shit”.

It isn’t like they need to use their brains.

Music TV has already driven them insane.

Now that they can’t tell one song from another.

All we need put out next is a reworked cover.

Infact let’s bring out a whole album of different re-mixes.

Kids are so lucky they’re not living in the sixties.

Back then all they had was “Stones”, “Beatles” & “Kinks”.

Is it any wonder they all played tiddlywinks.

Nowadays, imagine a world without “drum ‘n’ bass”.

No ecstasy or whizz to get off your face.

Yeah, when we’re high we’ve got nothing to dread.

Infact won’t it be so god damn cool if we end up dead.

Then they’ll bring out our posthumous CD.

Just to make some more money.

But oh shit, I’ve just realised the end to this fable.

All that money will then go to the bloody record label.





2 Responses to “The Bling Thing”

  1. sean benjamin Says:

    I really like the ryhme and pertainance of this poem james..keep up the good work.


  2. James Says:

    Thank you for your kind words Shaun. I will try to keep up the good work. See you tomorrow at the RAC.

    James :)

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