Comedy Season


More than time for an update I think, so here we have it. It’s comedy season in the city of Leicester, as Leicester’s longest running Comedy Festival swings around for it’s 15th year.

Not surprisingly, in this era of BrightSparks world domination, we’ve scheduled a couple of events as part of this years program, doubling last years contribution. The first of these two took place last Sunday and was our Mental Health Benefit Gig. Excitingly the Comedy Festival had been so impressed by our work that they wanted to dedicate their official benefit gig to our cause. We decided to split the takings with National Mind and the event was a screaming success:)

A selection of high profile national acts (like Sarah Millican) and top local favourites (like Rob Gee and Wilf Horris) were parachuted in to give their comedy services for free. In the end we made 256 pound, 128 of which will go to BrightSparks. The night was hopefully also successful in further raising our profile, so many thanks to all who made it possible – The Comedy Festival, The comedians, The Musician Venue and of course, the audience.

We’re having our second gig this Friday – the 15th Feb. In contrast to our benefit gig the content of our BrightSparks Comedy Cabaret has been devised by BrightSparks artists, through a process of workshops. Led by lead artist, Rob Gee, these workshops have made for some pretty diverse material. What happens when a drug dealer tries to sell drugs to drug user and the drug user quibbles over the price? What do call centre operatives really think of callers? The answers to these questions and others will all be made clear:)

Tickets are a mere pinch in the air – 4 quid or 2 for concessions. All proceeds will of course, all go to BrightSparks. Importantly – there is also a free buffet :)

Hope to see you at the gig. Watch this space for more updates. If you’d like to volunteer an article about our organisation – or indeed a review of anything we’ve done or are doing, please send your article ideas to Lydia Towsey via:


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