“Ecominds” – proposals invited for artworks in public places


National Mind have secured £7.5 million to set up Ecominds, which will be a selection of projects from around the Country, involving Service User’s and raising awareness of issues around the environment.

One area that they are interested in is creating artworks in public places.

I am looking to putting together a substantial collaborative bid to Ecominds, of projects around Leicester + Leicestershire involving different arts organisations, individual artists and different Mental Health Service User groups and individuals.

Bids can be made of up to £250 000.00.

LAMP, West Leics. Mind and Groundworks have expressed interest in being involved.

At a recent meeting we have identified the following public spaces where we would be interested in creating artworks:

  • School / College
  • Allotment
  • Mental Health Units
  • Farm / Rural Venue
  • Library
  • Park
  • Public Buildings (Projection)
  • Internet

I would expect people to put together their own individual project plans, fully costed out etc, then I would complete the overall bid.

I would be in a position to help with making links between different organisations e.g. Between Service User groups + Arts Organisations.

At present I am looking to identify who is interested + if they have initial ideas about what they would be interested in doing.

If you are one of these people or groups then please contact me by e-mail on tim.sayers@leicspart.nhs.uk or telephone 0795 687 9482 prior to Friday 31st October 2008, at which time I will be moving the project on.

See the website for Ecominds for further info: www.ecominds.org.uk

Tim Sayers


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