Ideas for the theme for the next NHS Open Art Show


—- UPDATE: Congratulations to Scott Bridgwood – his idea was chosen as the theme for the NHS Open Art Show 2009 —-

After the success of “Future Bright”, the Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust Open Art Exhibition of 2008, the 2009 exhibition is being planned.

Any ideas for a theme?

Post your thoughts in the comments under this article. (NB This doesn’t mean these ideas will necessarily get considered – it’s just for fun at this stage!)

So what are your ideas?


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10 Responses to “Ideas for the theme for the next NHS Open Art Show”

  1. Martin Says:

    Here’s my first thought: “Past Feelings
    Following on from “Future” to “Past” and “Bright” to “Feelings”.
    Reminiscing, memories, history, nostalgia, things left behind and moved on from.
    Sensations help us remember, experiences and their emotions that we learnt from, old flames, regrets, warm memories of good times.
    Textures, touching, stroking, warmth, pain, tingling, rough and smooth, our senses and our emotions.

  2. tony walker Says:

    My immediate reaction came from when i was thinking of an alternative name for Brightsparks (naughty) – = Beautiful Minds (remember where you heard it – perhaps i should keep it to myself). So that is my theme. What we contain in our heads can become something of beauty, a painting, a collage, a sculpture, an installation. Share the private beauty of your personal world with others. Simple. We all have a unique take on the world and this is what the realm of art explores. Of course i have got a Beautiful Mind aside from all the negativeness we see around, i think of colour, form and shape etc. A word a thought it can be a simple beginning. Our thoughts are concrete – i dont mean literally i mean physically in the same way as one brick lies on another. Thats enough thought (ed.)

    happy xmas – tony

  3. Marilyn Marshall Says:

    I thought along the lines of ‘Flights of Fancy’ where the creative mind finds the freedom to express itself in any media.

  4. carol homa Says:

    “Well ahead”

    could be descriptive on several levels but mostly on a positive therapeutic approach.

  5. secretagentartist Says:

    All sounding pretty good to me. Keep them coming!


  6. Scott Bridgwood Says:

    How about ‘Identity’ ?

  7. Nick Says:

    Okay, if you consider we have all travelled our own personal paths through our own places and history, which (depending whether or not you believe that mental health is a case of nature or nurture, or both) have led us to have our own experiences of mental health issues, then I think a really good, all encompassing theme would be ‘Time and Space’. I realise that sounds a bit clinical, a bit nerdy etc, but it would cover just about anything people would want to bring to the exhibition!

  8. Darren Dearden Says:

    “Opposites Attract” i think would make a great title for this years open art show.

  9. Joanna Watson Says:


    This was my first thought before Christmas. Since then, to use an appropriate but non-PC term, I’ve had a brainstorm:

    Leicestershire Artscape
    Leicestershire Art-trove

    Art Omnibus (ie art by all, for all – with the idea of travelling around/forwards)

    Harmonic spheres


    Senza frontiers

    Beyond ARTselves

    Artesian well

    Arteries of hope

    ARTifacts / Artefacts
    Art links
    ARTfully / Art-fully
    ARTiculated community
    (they got worse, sinking as low as ARTisane / ARTisanity, which I am NOT suggesting!)

    eARTh (on my screen ART is in upper case peacock blue surrounded by e and h in lower case bottle green)


  10. “Identity” - NHS Open Art Show 2009 is open for submissions « Brightsparks Says:

    […] The show title of “Identity” was picked from a long list of ideas from members of the public. Ideas came from artists and non-artists alike, including some from mental health service users. The chosen title was submitted by Scott Bridgwood, an exhibitor at “Future Bright”, by c…. […]

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