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This website is running very smoothly – thanks to Martin for his work on this. Please would everyone think of something to contribute to the website, and then make it happen either yourself or by asking for help or contributions. You can give photos and text to Lydia or Martin, preferably by email or on a CD or USB flash drive, but if you can’t or don’t want to work on a computer you can give us something on paper.

Alternatively, if you would like to contribute directly to the website yourself online, and put content on to it yourself, please talk to Martin or Lydia. A few people have already done this and now have usernames and passwords which allow them to login and upload stuff themselves; we await their articles. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar etc – we can sort this out for you later.

The website is for anything related to BrightSparks – so anything in the arts (poetry, art, photography, comedy, music…) and anything related to mental health. It could relate directly to BrightSparks projects or not.

Contributions could include recommendations of other websites.


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One Response to “Contribute to this website”

  1. tony walker Says:

    This is for the people who run brightsparks? 1) Did you ever consider setting up a facebook group for brightsparks ? or did you think people want to retain their privacy given some peoples vulnerability – just wondered. 2) I keep meeting people or know people with a mental health history who have artistic tendencies who dont know about Brightsparks! 3) 27a are working very hard to improve things both the board, the staff and volunteers – we had a successful staff mtg. last week. 4) i dont know if i am alone but i have been having mental health issues related to being out of work / jobcentre / new deal – mostly the last. (If you’re not sick new deal is compulsory) i have at times become a bit paranoid or obsessive because you can escape its clutches but they dont take responsibility for their actions or ignore you (they ignored my complaints). i find with any mental health problem if you can share it this helps a lot. i am a bit isolated but apart from that i am fairly normal and want to remain that way! i am being silly worrying about such stuff?

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