Design a cover for “Kapow!” – an anthology of new writing


Would you like to have your very own artwork on the front cover of a collectable anthology of new writing and your creative talents acknowledged on the back cover?

If the answer is yes then get to it. You have until the 23rd February 2009 to email your submissions to the anthology committee at

The 120 page anthology will include original short stories and poetry of Nottingham Trent University’s MA students and their guest contributors. It will be professionally printed as an A5 paperback.

Images need to be emailed in JPEG (.jpg) or high resolution PDF (.pdf) format and must be original, finished pieces of work. The image should be inspired by the anthology title Kapow! and should be accompanied by a short description of the work to explain its relevance.

The anthology committee will decide which image best fits the collective consciousness of Kapow! and inform the lucky winner no later than 9th March 2009. Unsuccessful entries will not be returned but all artists will be informed of the outcome. The committee’s decision will be final. Please make sure your name and address and contact details are included with each entry – you may submit more than one. The deadline for entries is Monday 23rd February 2009. No entries will be accepted after this date.

How simple could it be?


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One Response to “Design a cover for “Kapow!” – an anthology of new writing”

  1. Nigel Tomm Says:

    I’m Nigel Tomm – thanks for info.

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