“Rebellion” poems


BrightSparks runs an art workshop every Wednesday afternoon from 1pm till 3pm at 27a Access Artspace, 60 Northgate Street. (See our “About” page for more details.) However on the last week of each month, we have a poetry workshop instead of art.

In October 2009, Tim Sayers led our poetry workshop on the theme of “Rebellion”.

To the Labour Party

by Jean Binta Breeze

You sold out the working classes
Brought the Unions to their knees
Now you want to win back the voters
But it’s too late, can’t you see

You left me with
An inborn fear of bureaucracy
A fright when you talk about democracy
‘Cause I’m tired of all this fallacy
When things rebounding right out of control
And it hard to pay the heat bill in the cold

You promised us a government of vision
You promised you would hear our voice
It didn’t take you long to stop listening
And taking away our choice

Now you wonder why there’s growth in the right wing
and the bankers have taken all the notes
But you’re still making friends with the city
as they tighten the noose round our throats


by Martin Burch

Am I a rebel or a traitor?
A freedom fighter or a terrorist?
Was I cheeky or rude or even aggressive?

Why would I rebel against
homely comforting nurturing safe
Why would I rebel against
the stuck fixed old staid

Why didn’t I individuate, find myself, take risks or experiment?
Why can’t I rebel?
Or have I rebelled now?

Rebellion against those who care

“You’re going hyper”

by Claire

They all care so much
But it is overpowering
They’ve seen it all before
They sadly are frightened of the score
The highs and lows of their mate
The highs are good but that’s what they hate

Admittedly it IS a fine line
But sometimes there’s a period when you ARE fine.

Again they panic fuss and fret
Scared it’s kicked in when it hasn’t yet
How can you calm them, reassure
It’s not surprising they are frightened
Just tread along and take it slow
And reassure them of what you know.



Rebel is Great
Rebel is fun
I want to be a rebel
Image of a Man
Shadow of a God
Rebel fascist
fascist fascist
Rebel questions
not follow
Iron fist
Do we need that
Rebel Rebel
Rebel is Great.


by Liz

Why don’t we listen to children?
The saplings in our wood
The beginning of the next future
nurture, not destroy we should.

Why don’t we listen to children
They see more than we think
But adults think they know better
They don’t always see the link.

Why don’t we listen to children
And see what they go through
when really we should remember
we were kids once too.

Why don’t we listen to children
The knowledge from us they sup
And watch just what we teach them
So that we don’t fuck them up.


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2 Responses to ““Rebellion” poems”

  1. Dilla Sasing Says:

    when Jean binta breeze write that poem?

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