Brightsparks: Xmas Opening Hours


Hello All, we want to wish you all a happy xmas, and let you know when we are open over the rest of December into the new year.

We do try to stay open at the times other projects are not, so please don’t be alone, come and join us!

Times and dates of xmas Changes Below:

RawArt QuornOpen December 19th, Closed December 26th, Closed January 2nd, Open January 9th.

 OpenArtsCafe Bradgate MHU: Open December 20th, Closed December 27th, Open January 3rd.

CorporArt Loughborough: Open December 20th, Closed December 27th, Closed January 3rd, Open January 10th. 

ArtSpace Embrace Arts: Open December 21st, Closed December 28th, Open January 4th.

 Points of Interest Hinckley: Open December 16th, Closed December 23rd, Open January 6th.

As Usual, if you have any questions, call Tim Sayers on:0795 687 9482


2 Responses to “Brightsparks: Xmas Opening Hours”

  1. paul Says:

    you could have emailed us!

    • adamstuartpick Says:

      Hi Paul, sorry for the late reply, Tim Sayers said if you contact him, he will add you back onto the mailing list. Best wishes, Adam

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