Attenborough Arts – Medical Elective Poets.


See below for a lovely group poem, produced by Medical Students, attending a University of Leicester, elective programme on the benefits of Arts in Mental Health. The session was led by Brightsparks’ Lydia Towsey. Thanks to course curator, Marianne Pape (Education & Outreach officer, Attenborough Arts Centre). If you’d like to try your hand at some writing get in touch about our Showcase Smoothie and Bradgate Writers sessions, currently ongoing. For more info on classes at Attenborough Arts, see here.

This Morning

The white waterfall of semi-skimmed milk
crashing into my morning coffee.
The rain on the drive as I left the house.
The realisation that winter is coming.
Travel mug laid on its side in the hallway,
knocked over in the rush.
Softly falling rain, a dewy lawn in my hair.
The variety of colours
from Emily’s fake but convincing ginger
to the shimmering pinks
of our teachers in class.
Builders sheltering in a van.
Grey clouds cried gentle tears
onto a carpet of grass.
Lights turn green permitting my passing.
A bloke with an umbrella to protect his bald head.
The pure smile of a dog.

By: Elsie Hunter, Emily Buckley, Connor Huggins, Grace Rake, Emily Heyting, Charlotte Manton, Laura Poyntz, Rosie Abi Aoun,


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