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Smoking Cessation Poetry Booklet

February 11, 2010

Poems and illustrations on the theme of smoking, by BrightSparks poets and artists, are now available in a beautiful booklet. Download the poetry booklet here.

BrightSparks Smoking Cessation Poetry Booklet February 2010

BrightSparks Smoking Cessation Poetry Booklet February 2010


“Rebellion” poems

December 1, 2009

BrightSparks runs an art workshop every Wednesday afternoon from 1pm till 3pm at 27a Access Artspace, 60 Northgate Street. (See our “About” page for more details.) However on the last week of each month, we have a poetry workshop instead of art.

In October 2009, Tim Sayers led our poetry workshop on the theme of “Rebellion”. Here are some of the poems we wrote.

“Identity” poetry workshops featured on a blog

June 24, 2009

Lydia is organising some poetry workshops alongside “Identity”, the NHS Open Art Show 2009. Contact her for more information:

One person, Siobhan Logan, attended a workshop and then wrote about the experience on her blog:

I look forward to reading Siobhan’s finished poem, and the other poems written by workshop participants, once they are displayed alongside the artwork in the exhibition.

No Spark of Life

September 20, 2008

An oven flooding with gas
A starter-motor whirring in an engine not turning
A match scraping not striking
A boiler-clock clicking not firing
Gears jumping not engaging
Water steaming not bubbling
Cigarette lighter flicking not igniting
Batter baking not rising

Poem by Martin Burch